Residencies and collaborations abroad:

One month residency at Minerva with Giang Nguyen, The Son Nguyen, Lam Nguyen, Can van An and Rafiq Abbasov - Groningen, the Netherlands (August 2019)

48 hours residency at SYB with Lola Diaz Cantoni - Beetsterzwaag, the Netherlands (February, 2019)

One week residency in collaboration with Franka Geiser - Skoki, Poland (April, 2018)

Exchanging dialogues; a collaborative project between KLAP and students of the art academy of Hanoi, supported by Minerva and Berend Vis - Hanoi, Vietnam (March, 2018)

Swap, research trips in collaboration with Chiara Tamarro, supported by Groot Brugman fonds - Leeds, UK and Rotterdam, the Netherlands (October and November, 2017)

Collaboration with KLAP and Rob van Haren as part of a conference of the SDG labs, supported by HanzeHogeschool - Stockholm, Sweden (August, 2017)

Group exhibitions:

(un)formed, graduation show - Groningen, the Netherlands (June, 2019)

Stamppot dinner at NP3 - Groningen, the Netherlands (March, 2019)

Green Lights exhibition - Groningen, the Netherlands (February, 2019)

Extreme Exodus LAB - Groningen, the Netherlands (November, 2018)

Dream tree - Zuidhorn, the Netherlands (September, 2018)

Poznan art week in collaboration with Franka Geiser - Poznan, Poland (May, 2018)

Exchanging dialogues - Hanoi, Vietnam (March, 2018)

Shift/Switch - Groningen, the Netherlands (Februari 2018)


Fine art bachelor academy Minerva - Groningen, the Netherlands (2015-2019)

Erasmus exchange UAP - Poznan, Poland (spring semester 2018)

Work experience:

Projectleader of summer residency at academie Minerva - (August 2019)

Curating Window Exhibitions - (May, 2019)

Teaching projectweek SpeakEasy at academie Minerva in collaboration with Niels Bekkema - Groningen, the Netherlands (February, 2019)

Managing the studio’s and main hall of academie Minerva in collaboration with Kara Noble - (2017-2019)

Member of KLAP platform - (2017 - ongoing)

Initiating and developing LODGE in collaboration with Klaudija Juočiūnaitė and Wouter Speksnijder - (2017-ongoing)

Organizing The World We Live In, collaboration with Chiara Tamarro and students of the Prins Claus conservatorium - Groningen, the Netherlands (June, 2017)

Organizing a 48 hours drawing marathon in collaboration with Allie van Altena - Groningen, the Netherlands (June, 2017)

Curating Living room exhibitions in collaboration with Chiara Tamarro and Wouter Speksnijder - Groningen, the Netherlands (November, 2016)