Student run platform for creating an interaction between professional artists and students of Minerva through organizing events and exhibitions in different locations.
Speed D(eb)ating

We invited 15 professionals and 15 students to discuss art related topics with eachother. They got four minutes to discuss the topic, and then they had to move on to the next person to discuss a different statement. Afterwords there was time to meet up with the person you would like to continue the discussion with.
Toentje Project

We went with the three of us to a conference in Stockholm to present a project. Our project was about art and sustainability, we worked together with Toentje, a community garden in Groningen.
Exchanging Dialogues

We were invited to do a project with the students of the art academy of Hanoi. We came up with the idea to make a questionnaire, which the students of Hanoi who are participating and us will fill in. Based on these questionnaires we created six groups of three people, two students of Hanoi and one of Minerva. The pairs started a dialogue, and created from this dialogue a work together. These works where presented at an exhibition we organized at the academy.