Pokoj Dzienny

Together with Franka we created a living room in the hallway of the school of furniture we found on the streets. We did this because there was no meeting place in the school where you could just sit and meet people who you would otherwise never meet. Although the living room was discussed before and allowed by de direction of the school, they didn't like it when we actually started it.

After getting permission from the board of the school we started collecting furniture and constructing the living room. From the beginning on people were curious what was happening and started using the living room for the purpose we had intended; bringing people together. After a little while all our furniture was gone. We searched in the school and found everything back in different places, the basement, storage rooms etc. We put everything back and a note saying that we had permission and if they could please leave the furniture. Some days later it was gone again, we found everything back and added some new furniture we found, plus the note. We also went up to the vice principal and send an email to the principal explaining the situation and if they can help us. No reply and a few days later everything is gone again. We meet the principal on an event on Friday afternoon in the school and talk to him about the situation. He tells us that he is very sorry, that probably the cleaning staff took it and that he will arrange new furniture together with us. After the weekend 10 grey, fake leather bean bags are standing in the hallway. They fit perfectly with the grey colors on the walls and the design of the school. We started realizing what was going on, and decided to look for our own furniture and add it to the grey bean bags. One week later all our furniture is gone again, and the bean bags are still there. Now we can't find the principal anywhere anymore and they also don't reply to our emails. We decided to play the game along and keep adding new furniture and putting our furniture back. After one month it is time for us to go back home. We make postcards with pictures of our furniture and sentences like: "Love knows no distance.". After the summer break we send these postcards once a month to the board of the school, as a small reminder.